Why Do You Climb?

“Why do you climb?” – A question a new friend asked about me.
Well, it began because I moved to NYC by myself and I was looking for ways to workout and keep a good physique for my passion, the fashion world.
In climbing, I found a unique strength within me.

It is like reaching a goal within yourself by reaching higher and higher. Sometimes we simply cannot reach higher or accomplish our goal. So then we have to prepare ourselves and challenge not only our bodies but our minds. Once we get to the top, we want to go for more, just like in life we have to be willing to push yourself to break your own expectations. 

I found that this connects my body and mind, I feel determined, I feel true conviction in my work, to my blog, to health and my life in NYC.

Let me know about your climbing experiences! If you have any questions about mine, feel free to comment below!



1- Ray-Ban (Aviator – Original since 1937); 2- PETZL (Chalk bag); 3- La Sportiva Climb Shoes (NAGO WMN’S); 4- NYC Bouldering Book; 5- Ice Cream Case from SKINNY DIP LONDON.

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