Interview and Illustration with Peter Xu from the top blog (Weibo) “潮人徐峰立”

Interview and Illustration with Peter Xu from the top blog (Weibo) “潮人徐峰立”

Peter Xu is the top iconic fashion blogger with more than 1,5 million followers on Chinese twitter (Weibo).

Peter Xu, Illustration by Mairanny
Peter Xu, Illustration by Mairanny

“People love the stereotyped beauty but this is not what fashion and style is all about. It’s about reinventing itself and bringing something new & different to the table. And it’s usually a painful process. The clothes the above designers made were sometimes hated by the majority in the first place but became accept after years. They challenge themselves and so do the celebrities who dare to wear these controversial pieces. If you are new and different, there would be more stares and critics than praises. But these people persist and eventually established their own unique styles. Unlike most of the people who follow fashion and say ‘me too’, they dare to try and say ‘only me’.” – part of the interview from


1- How and why did you start to develop your blog?
I started 4 years ago when CHINESE Twitter came into place. I was fascinated with the variety of people it could bring together. It has many categories and the key influencers all have verified accounts so it’s easy to pinpoint them. I made friends with celebrities, industrial professionals, and even a Buddhist leader.
2- What was your vision of the fashion and the blog world when you started compared to your vision nowadays?
I started off as a player. I was still teaching TOEFL & SAT courses and doing projects for FMCG companies due to my previous background in L’Oreal. I think fashion found me first. I was invited to parties and events of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior due to my influence. And I made my first ever fashion show attendance in Paris 3 years ago, after a press trip in Bordeaux.
Today, I do professional runway photography for many  brands. Some of them even use my photoshoots for their official INSTAGRAM, blog & press release, for example, Pucci, Armani & the Brazilian brand Osklen that might be familiar to you. My vision now is to leverage my blog as a fashion/ runway coverage platform & PR platform to generate quality content with quality people I get to know in reality and digital world.
3- How did your blog change your life?
I benefited from blogging drastically. I have been traveling around the world. This year I’ve been to more than 20 cities. And I went to Mexico, Brazil, Greenland and so many cool places because of projects related to me & my blog.
4- Describe your style.
Chic Hip-Hop street style with crazy mix & match of colors.
5- What inspires you for blogging?
My trips around the world; fashion runways; nature & events.
Thank you so much, Peter for being part of my Fashion Illustration Book
Here you can check more about Peter Xu Fashion Blog >>  Peter Xu’s Personal Weibo
All social media >> @digitalpimpp

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