Outfit For The Bridge – #OOTD

Outfit For The Bridge – #OOTD
Brooklyn-Manhattan bridge photoshoot by: @davidrpimages
Photoshoot by: @davidrpimages | http://www.davidrpimages.com/

My days in the city it’s almost in the end, I’m coming back to São Paulo for business and prepare myself for SPFW this April. While I’m still here, I went to the beautiful and one of my favorite places in New York: the brooklyn-manhattan bridge, the photos were taken by the incredible photographer David RP Images!!

If you are in New York and want incredible photos then you should get in contact with David because he is one of the best in the city. Isn’t the first time that I make a photoshoot with him and 100% isn’t the last, I love his job with the camera, he makes everything more beautiful than usual.

Get in contact with David:

Website: http://www.davidrpimages.com/Instagram – E-mail: Dperez196@gmail.com

You can trust me, he is AWESOME!

Photoshoot by: @davidrpimages | http://www.davidrpimages.com/

You also can check the other photoshoots that I worked with David on my IG @mairanny and see he’s awesome in every click.

Can’t wait to come back soon in NYC, this fashion week season was amazing, a great experience for me and my girls who were with me this time. I should thank y’all who has participated with me here on my blog, it was awesome and as you guys know, I love when you comment and participate with me in everything, it makes us closer.

Photo credits: @davidrpimages | http://www.davidrpimages.com/

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