Outfit For The New York City – #OOTD

Photoshoot by: @davidrpimages | http://www.davidrpimages.com/

The last weekend with the best weather in New York City. I can’t never complain about the weather because could be aways worse. I have the best wither season of my life this year in NY. One of my favorite place in New York is Dumbo with this amazing view from Manhattan.  I really suggest you get time to expend around of the Brooklyn close to the bridges. You can found unique place for exploring and get amazing pics.


Photoshoot by: @davidrpimages | http://www.davidrpimages.com/

Look, this cute vespa that I found parking on the street. I tried don’t get crazy but I really love this retro style. I got few pics just for fun with this “Vespa Ride”.

After, all this amazing days in New York. I what to be thankful for all support I had of all you guys  around all my social media. Thank you so much!

I really love what I do and It’s amazing I can sare with you. <3


Photoshoot by: @davidrpimages | http://www.davidrpimages.com/

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