#The7 Looks With Hat

#The7 Looks With Hat

Special post on this Weekend. Today I bring for you all a new thing that I was working for a while: #The7 a hashtag that I’ll develop on my blog from today, it is a hashtag were I’ll use to create and show 7 things/looks/ways to do/wear/shop something. Cool, right?!?!


For this first #The7 I’m bringing my signature: THE HAT.

Believe or not but you can play with your hat in any look style that you want, from a rocker-glam to a cute-romantic look, it all depends on your hat and your style of the day. I always wear a hat because is something that I love and I fits well with me so, I can play and create fun combinations with diverses styles with my hat collection (that is growing up even more). You do not believe in me?? Then check it out #The7 Looks With Hat:








Here are #The7 looks that you can use in your day-to-day life, you can adapt every one with your style, add or remove more accessories, it’s all on you. If you have never used hat because you think it’s not too wearable so, I proved to you that you’re wrong, you can use in every style look and rock with your outfit.

Tell me which of these is your favorite. Soon, I’ll become with more #The7.

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