#The7 Looks With Hat

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Special post on this Weekend. Today I bring for you all a new thing that I was working for a while: #The7 a hashtag that I’ll develop on my blog from today, it is a hashtag were I’ll use to create and show 7 things/looks/ways to do/wear/shop something. Cool, right?!?! For this first #The7 I’m bringing my signature: THE HAT.…

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Feeling and Loving Yourself

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Today we are going to talk about Boudoir photography, a kind of art with the body but first of all I created a special playlist, so you can read this post and get in the mood to find and connect with your sexy-sensual-wild self easier. Listen on my Spotify: Remember that you can listen this playlist one by one or…

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A Makeup Look for Everyday

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After a time without posting on my YouTube channel (the last thing was the mermaid makeup tutorial for Carnival in Brazil) I came with a new makeup video: Green Eyes With Red Lipstick. As many of you know I love mermaids and I tried to create something inspired by them with the eyeshadows and give a “Mairanny look” with this red…

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#OOTD – Different Coat and One Unique Look

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Photo credits: @davidrpimages | http://www.davidrpimages.com/ As you can see through my blog, me and David (@davidrpimages) did a lot of photos in New York City when I was there for the NYFW. I can’t even choose which one is my favorite because I loved them all, David is great and “thank you” isn’t enough. Photo credits: @davidrpimages | http://www.davidrpimages.com/ There will be…

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Outfit For The New York City – #OOTD

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Photoshoot by: @davidrpimages | http://www.davidrpimages.com/ The last weekend with the best weather in New York City. I can’t never complain about the weather because could be aways worse. I have the best wither season of my life this year in NY. One of my favorite place in New York is Dumbo with this amazing view from Manhattan.  I really suggest…

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Outfit For The Bridge – #OOTD

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My days in the city it’s almost in the end, I’m coming back to São Paulo for business and prepare myself for SPFW this April. While I’m still here, I went to the beautiful and one of my favorite places in New York: the brooklyn-manhattan bridge, the photos were taken by the incredible photographer David RP Images!! If you are…

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Photo credit: http://destilo.com.br/new-york-fashion-week-fenty-x-puma/

#The7 “NYFW F/W” 360º Review

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First things first: read this review post listening to my NYFW Playlist that I created especially for you all to enjoy this Fashion Week season!!!!! Let’s give a 360º look at this NYFW Fall/Winter season that ended yesterday (February 18), I’ll list the runway shows and looks that I loved the most! It’s a new idea that I brought to my…

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Baby It’s Cold Outside – OOTD

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The New York Fashion Week ends today and I’m here wishing the next season to come because I had an amazing experience in this Fall/Winter 2016 season. Being on the backstages, attending the front row of a few runway collections, meeting with incredible people in the fashion industry… Everything is now part of my life as a great experience that…

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NYFW – Salinas RTW+Backstage by J. Salinas

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Directly from Peru for all the fashion world industry, the brand Salinas by Jorge Salinas came with this F/W RTW with a powerful-bold  collection. The creative designer brought to the fashionistas some different fabrics mixed, jackets with leather, alpaca sweaters, tunics and coats in fur, this and more for the actual woman make sure that she’s warmed in this F/W season.…

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