Interview and Illustration with Daniela Ramirez from the blog "Nany’s Klozet"

Interview and Illustration with Daniela Ramirez from the blog "Nany’s Klozet"
Daniela Ramirez from the blog "Nany's Klozet" Fashion Illustration by Mairanny
Daniela Ramirez from the blog “Nany’s Klozet”
Fashion Illustration by Mairanny
My first blog interview with Daniela Ramirez from the blog “Nany’s Klozet”. I invited her to be part of my new project: My first Fashion Illustration Book, It will be published in September 2015.
I asked Daniela a few questions about her Fashion Blog Life.
1-How and Why did you start to develop your blog?
I started blogging in 2009 when I opened a blog (only in Spanish) called “Fab Chic and Fit”. I started during my senior year in college and, at the moment, there weren’t any websites for Latinas. I wanted to learn about fashion at the same time I would write about trends and body types. Slowly, I started sharing my outfits and I later opened Nany’s Klozet in 2011.
2-What was your vision of the fashion and the blog world in comparison with your vision today?
The blogging world was definitely changed since I started. My vision was to make my blog a portfolio that I could show to magazines I wanted to potentially work with.  Now I know that blogging is so much more than that, the possibilities are endless. I want to continue developing my brand, design more clothes, write a book…who knows, maybe even a TV show.
3-Which way did the blog change your life?
In every single way, my blog is not only my passion…it is also my career. I’m very grateful to be able to work with brands and designers I admire, to travel, meet incredible people and still get to interact with my readers.
Thank you so much Daniela for being part of my Fashion Illustration Book <3
Here you can check more  Daniela Blog >> Nany’s Klozet
All social media >> @nanysklozet


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