Interview and Illustration with Diana Horsfall (Queen Horsfall) from the blog “ DIFFERENT COLORS & DIFFERENT STYLES”

Interview and Illustration with Diana Horsfall (Queen Horsfall) from the blog “ DIFFERENT COLORS & DIFFERENT STYLES”
Diana Horsfall from the blog "DIFFERENT COLORS & DIFFERENT STYLES" Fashion Illustration by Mairanny
Diana Horsfall from the blog “DIFFERENT COLORS & DIFFERENT STYLES”
Fashion Illustration by Mairanny

I’m really happy to share the interview with Diana Horsfall “Queen Horsfall” from the blog “Different Colors & Different Styles”. Diana is from Kazakhstan, 100% asian kazakh girl. She have this unique cool style and so cute story. I’m so happy to have her be part of my Fashion Illustration Book. Here I’m share some of the question I asked for her.

1-How and Why you started to develop your blog?
I and my husband moved to South Korea, he is US Army, it is common thing to live in different countries. So when I graduated from German University in Konstanz (Germany), I moved to my husband to South Korea. A month there, I was so bored and did not know what else can I do in this country. People are not interested to learn German language here, they prefer English. After being inspired by fashion bloggers, I thought maybe I should do it too. At first, I thought that I would create a blog with my BFF, who lives in Thailand now. But she got so busy, that had no time,and  I was a bit scared to do it by myself, since I did not know anything about blogging. I started to do a lot searching and reading blogs, then later one of my russian-korean friend, who was a blogger, said that I should be a blogger too. I started to post not often, just trying figure out what exactly do I want from blog, why do I do it. And to make a blog it is not so easy from technical issues, special for me, I do not know anything about “HTML codes”, I started simple. But later, it became  as a big hobby and big passion and love for what I do.
2-What was your vision of the fashion and the blog world when you start and compare with your today vision?
Before I thought it is total fun and cool at the beginning.  Most of the people do not realize how hard it is blogging life can be, if you want to be successful or if your blog successful. I think, only my husband and my bloggers friends know that you need to work a lot. It can be fun but at same time it can be so frustrating. I realized that most of the people in fashion industry are fake, and it breaks my heart. I was lucky to be in Korea, because I met so many amazing people there, who truly inspire and has a great heart. Today my vision about fashion and blog is changed. It is a tough work and you need to work, work and work. It takes a lot of time and effort.
3-Which way the blog change your life?
I’m happy what I do! Sometimes I have a hard time, sometimes it seems easy. It is a perfect job for me, I am able to blog not matter where I am, if I have a good speed internet. I learned a lot of things what I did not know. I took off a “pink” sunglasses from my eyes and seeing a real fashion industry, how everything works and why. I am learning a lot about myself, or opened something new what I never know. I would love to thank my husband and my family for support and my friends for being awesome.
Thank you so much Diana so beautiful story!! <3
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