Interview and Illustration the blog " J’adore Fashion "

Interview and Illustration the blog " J’adore Fashion "
Denis Seyol from the blog " J'adore Fashion " Fashion Illustration by Mairanny
Illustration The blog ” J’adore Fashion “
Fashion Illustration by Mairanny

I love the blogger J’adore Fashion. I have illustrated her many times from the beginning of my fashion illustration post. I have J’adore Fashion blog in the fashion Illustration version wearing Moschino collection. I’m so happy to have her been part of my new project my fashion Illustration book! It’s really awesome have a friend like Denis always support my work. thank you gorgeous!! Here I share some of the answer from the J’adore Fashion Blog.


1-How and Why you started to develop your blog?

Bloggers always have similar jobs – mostly in fashion industry. But my story is quite different. I’m a medicine student – Future Neurologist & Psychiatrist to be! But i always had the passion for fashion inside me; so one day i decided to open a blog – to share my own style & be an inspiration.

3-Which way the blog change your life?

I have learned many things & of course my style has evolved better in years too 🙂

Thank you so much Dear for being part of my Fashion Illustration Book <3
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All social media >> @jadorefashionn

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