Interview and Illustration with Rachel and Nicole from the blog ” Rachel et Nicole“

Interview and Illustration with Rachel and Nicole from the blog ” Rachel et Nicole“
Rechel and Nicole Fashion Illustration by Mairanny Rechel (right) and Nicole (left)
Rachel and Nicole Fashion Illustration by Mairanny
Rachel (right) and Nicole (left)

Rachel and Nicole from the blog ”Rachel et Nicole“. I met the sister on my first Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week 2013 at the Lincoln Center. I really love her work and the fashion Blog. Pop, Fun and Super cute style is that words defines these girls. Here I share the with you the answer from the Rachel et Nicole Fashion Blog.

1- How and Why you started to develop your blog?

Our mother, who is a fashion designer, is also the honorary stylist of the family. So when we moved half way around the world, it was only natural that she still felt the need to still be involved in our looks. We decided the best way to go about this was to create a site that would allow her to “vet” our outfits. We gradually noticed that the blog’s traffic was growing and decided that if we had a real audience, we should take it more seriously.

2- What was your vision of the fashion and the blog world when you start, and analyze with your today vision?
Rachel et Nicole started as a personal style blog, and it still is, but we have also turned it into a platform where we showcase our photographs. We like to think of ourselves as photographers before anything else, it just so happens that we love taking photos of fashion, and at times, be the subject of it.

3- How your blog change your life?
We’ve both become for astute in our artistic vision from our photoshoots and creative collaborations with brands. Like they say, practice makes perfect!

4- Describe your style.

Rachel: I am definitely the romantic. I love lace, organza, taffeta, big bows, white and pastels. Some people have also told me that my style is very child-like. There is an innocence in the way I choose to dress.

Nicole: My style reflects a lot of who I am. I prefer well constructed clothes that have architectural ingenuity behind it.

5- What inspires you for blog?
Art has always been our inspiration. We draw concepts and ideas from paintings, books, poetry and sculptures. We love meeting new creative people with a unique perspective – it’s the only way to keep growing.

Thank you so much Rachel and Nicole for being part of my Fashion Illustration Book
Here you can check more about Rachel et Nicole Fashion Blog >> Rachel et
All social media >> @racheletnicole

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