Interview and Illustration with Nün Visitsak from the blog “Nün Style Blog”

Interview and Illustration with Nün Visitsak from the blog “Nün Style Blog”
Nün Visitsak Illustration by Mairanny
Nün Visitsak Illustration by Mairanny

Nün Visitsak from the blog “Nün Style Blog”. Nün is from Thailand, I met her on on my first time at this page and I really loved her outfit and her unique hair color, that time was a colorful RED (really vibrant). She is always sweet and answers all my comments. It’s really important to create a good connection with a blogger!! After all that I always keep her in mind and her style became a reference for me on how to wear Sport-chic in an unique way.
Here you can read more about Nün and her story about how she created her blog. I’m really happy to share with you this great and sweet blogger. <3
1- How and why did you start to develop your blog?
I’ve always had this idea that an outfit unseen, is an outfit wasted! So when I first stumbled upon a website called a couple of years ago, I was excited that no more of my outfits have to be ‘wasted’ on days where I’m not going anywhere fancy. I started posting on right away and not long after, I started to develop a strong fan base from all around the world. I decided to quit my job at the time (I was a director for television commercials) and take up blogging full time.

2- What was your vision of the fashion and the blog world when you started compared to your vision nowadays?
When I first started I was very naive to what blogging really was. I first saw blogging as a ‘hobby’ type activity where you do it in your spare time and that no one could possibly blog as a profession. But my thoughts on this changed rapidly as I got deeper into blogging and it is so clear now what blogging really is. Bloggers are one of the newest advertising platforms in this modern day where everyone practically lives on the internet. Bloggers are a way for brands and companies to reach out to their potential customers whilst they are surfing the internet and looking for inspiration. The greatest thing about brands/companies utilizing bloggers to advertise their products is that, bloggers are discreet and we don’t do ‘hard sells’. This means that brands get the word spread about their products in the most effortless looking manner that does not come across as ‘pushy’ to the audience.

3- How did your blog change your life?
My blog has changed my life completely! Everyday I wake up in awe of what blogging allows me to do. I’m always out and about, exploring new places and meeting new people. This is all because of blogging. I have found something that I’m passionate about and ‘working’ no long feels like working. Most of the time I’m shooting new looks, editing the photos, writing new articles, and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t believe that there is a ‘job’ out there like this that allows me to feel so free. Free to be myself. Free to be creative. As a little girl I always thought that being an adult and having a job was going to be like being imprisoned in your own life and restricted by the expectations of society. Never did I ever considering that my career could be so liberating!

4- Describe your style.
Casual, sport-chic.

5- What inspires you for blogging?
Everything! Everywhere I go and everyone I meet can unknowingly end up being an inspiration. It’s the little things that you notice!

Thank you so much Nün for being part of my Fashion Illustration Book
Here you can check more about Nün Style Blog >>
All social media >> @nunstyleblog

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