Lululemon – Be Present This Holiday Season

They urge us to slow down, live in the moment, look up and make the world a better place. ‘Being present’ is the best gift you can give. #givepresence

Lululemon is one of several companies that places advice at the forefront of its campaign this Holiday season. Rather than pushing product, the athletic brand is reaffirming its values by focusing on what’s really important during the Holidays.

‘Give Presence’ stresses the importance of being ‘present’ for loved ones this season – rather than just giving presents. Authors, yoga teachers and meditation instructors speak on the subject in the three-minute video. They each lament that people are often distracted and disconnected – checking their phones, plotting what to post on social media, and feeling the need to compulsively check their inbox.

source of  information trend post from WGSN.

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