Wildfox “The DreamHouse with Barbie”

Wildfox "DREAM HOUSE" Fashion Illustration by Mairanny
Fashion Illustration by Mairanny

A day in the life at the Barbie Dream house circa 1989 was nothing short of fun, fantastical and sassy-chic for Wildfox Couture’s Resort 2014 collection. Every activity Barbie is typically responsible for – from jazzercising and poolside sun-bathing, to cruising through town in her hot pink Corvette – was captured in Wildfox’s new lookbook. Famous for their vintage graphics and cut and sew aesthetic, this new collection is equipped with loungewear featuring playful prints such as garnished burgers, oversized birthday confetti, washed-out American flags, and the legendary Barbie logo – courtesy of Mattel’s collaboration with the Los Angeles-based contemporary label. The collection is an ode to Barbie in the 1980s, representing a decade of vibrant pastels, high-waisted spandex, and loose-fit silhouettes. “I thought it would be fun to imagine if those [dolls] were real, and to bring the Barbie Dreamhouse to life,” said Co-founder and Creative Director Kimberly Gordon. Pieces range between $37 and $183 at luxury online retailers such as Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom. For more California-youth inspiration, visit the brand’s Instagram at @wildfoxcouture.


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