Lise Belova

Interview and Illustration with Lise Belova from the blog “NO LIMITS TO PERFECTION”

lise Kapris _Fashion Illustration_ by Mairanny Batista

Lise Belova – Fashion Illustration by Mairanny Batista

1- How and Why you started to develop your blog?

I started my blog as a hobby. I read some American and Europe popular girl’s blogs and decided to create the same one day. I have my own vision of style, fashion and beauty around me, so I wanted to share my opinion with people around the world. When I started, we have only a few such fashion blogs in Russia. It was smith new and interesting for me.

2- What was your vision of the fashion and the blog world when you start, and analyze with your today vision?

When I started, the blog looks more like a personal diary. Today the blog has a menu with different categories, you can find posts with fashion looks (of course), interesting events, about my travels, my family tips and one of my favorite section named «Coffee break» where I post interviews with famous persons from fashion industry.

3- How your blog change your life?

It takes too much time from my life =))) But I like it! I got many new contacts, some of them became my friends! And I won a trip to Germany thanks to my blog! Not bad =)

4- Describe your style.

My style is a mix of feminine bohemian chic and urban fashion clothes. I like to combine luxury brands with mass market items in my own way.

5- What inspires you for blog?

My inspiration came from old Europe and American movies, from “Gossip Girl” (I adore Serena and Blair) and from stylish people on streets around the World.

Thank you so much Lise for being part of my Fashion Illustration Book
Here you can check more about Lise Blog >>  No Limits to Perfection
All social media >> @Lise_Kapris

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  • Lise Kapris June 20, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Thank you dear for your amazing work! Happy to be a part of your book!


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