Interview and Illustration with Peony Lim.

Interview and Illustration with Peony Lim.
Peony Lim - Fashion Illustration by Mairanny
Peony Lim – Fashion Illustration by Mairanny

1- How and Why you started to develop your blog?

It was really by chance. I was a student in the right place at the right time at the beginning of streetstyle. I didn’t read blogs, and I didn’t really know anything about them. But I loved style and had always cared about what I wore. When I graduated after having been photographed so much it just seemed like the natural thing to do. I’ve never looked back.

2- What was your vision of the fashion and the blog world when you start, and analyze with your today vision?

It really was very similar to today, so share what I liked and was interested in.

3- How your blog change your life?

In everyway and in no ways. Its a strange thing. It has opened so many doors but my life is very similar, my friends are the same.

4- Describe your style.

Modern Classic

5- What inspires you for blog?

Everything, I try not to read other sites so that I keep my focus, so I find inspiration in books, friends, family, travel, films etc.

Thank you so much Peony for being part of my Fashion Illustration Book
Here you can check more about Peony Fashion Blog >>  Peony Lim
All social media >> @peonylim

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