Support the Miami Arts Week and Not the Art Basel

Support the Miami Arts Week and Not the Art Basel

The Miami Arts Week, 2015 ended with awesome events and consistent crowds in all the event that I attended. However, the dreary Miami weather didn’t stop the event around all the city. I attended the SCOPE, PULSE, Art Basel, Design Miami, Art Miami, CONTEXT Art Miami and Wynwood Art District. The Wynwood neighborhood definitive had one of the coolest street art events. You can’t get well done the Miami Arts Week if you didn’t get in Wynwood Art District.

This is my second year I attended the Miami Arts Week. I had really busy art week, I tried to attend the all amazing art fair it was in Miami. The most important event it was concentrated in two area Miami Beach and Midtown Miami. The best event in Miami Beach area it was SCOPE and PULSE. Both fairs had the most beautiful view facing the beach, really good wide space, and a unique booth with awesome arts. In Midtown Miami, I attended Art Miami and CONTEXT. I love this fairs it one of my favorite. The majority of the gallery from Art Miami brought this year great and the new collection of arts from last year. This is very important for me to blog about. I want always come back to the Art Miami Fair and CONTEXT Art Miami because I will see something new.

My big disappoint of this year it was Art Basel at the Convention Center in Miami Beach, I had really bad experience for to share of this event specific. What is bothers me It is the attitude of the expositors of this fair. so, I had the inconvenient with one of the galleries that were exposing in Art Basel Miami. Fist it was Saturday, in general, all fairs in the weekend it all full. second for the Art Basel, I didn’t take the press card because in the fist place I was not planning to attend. so, I didn’t have but that it’s not important so far … The story is I was with a friend in this booth L7 “Galerie Eva Presenhuber ” and we are taking photos of the art and us, the famous selfie or this picture that you are in the frist plan and the art in the back. This is the possible picture everyone how attending any fair shared in the social media. so, the fact that could bother in general the expositors. it’s ok because everyone its doing something similar. However, this individual just say that I have to stop doing my “photoshoot” in his booth. so, I tried to say to him in the nice way that we are bloggers. His continue being arrogant with me and made me live his booth. In the moment that I was living. I told him, I will be doing a review about his gallery. So, Hi look to me with disrespect look and he told me: -“Use Your Power”.

The fact, he made me live his booth also he told me: “Use Your Power”. He literally disrespects me also challenged me to do the review or the complaint. I was very annoyed with his attitude. The fact the Art Week event is open for all community to share the great and most know art, knowledge and cultural arts influence. I was disappointed with the disrespects attitude of this specific gallery. but the unpleasant you could feel around all the Art Basel. For the general you could feel uncomfortable every booth on the Art Basel Miami. For sure, I really don’t recommend this fair, The Art Basel at the Convention Center in Miami Beach.

I have been using the name Art Basel to refer all events of the Miami Arts Week and for sure I will not use anymore. The Art Week in Miami is more that the Art Basel at the Conventional Center. This amazing and super cool week of Art in Miami. Is really more that just Art Basel. I can speak with certainty you can attend so awesome Art Fair in Miami with unique arts and more professional gallery reception. For sure! You can see the great art and more elaborate booth and gallery. My The Top 5 of the Miami Arts Week is SCOPE, Art Miami + CONTEXT, PULSE, Design Miami and the street art + gallery from Wynwood Art District.

If you are press or blog and you attending the Miami Art Week, late you comment about your opinion and experience of this week. Also, I would like to know what you think about this disrespects and challenged attitude of the gallery -“Use Your Power”. When today you don’t need to be a blogger for made the complaint and share in social media the abuse. Today we have the freedom for to share the information and with your real experience. Everyone today has this freedom for to express love or hate for something. That is awesome! So you really don’t need to have the press card for being respect in any event or social media. The comment is open for everyone to do this discussion about the Miami Arts Week experience. Also, Why you support the Miami Arts Week and not the Art Basel?

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