Why is snapchat the coolest social midia?

Why is snapchat the coolest social midia?

One of the biggest and coolest social midia of this 21st century is SNAPCHAT. Wait, are you out of this planet and don’t know what it is? Well, I’ll give you a quick explanation: snapchat is an app for iOS + Android, there you can take “snaps” (photos or videos) at least 10 seconds, after this time, BAM! it all disappear, well, if no one screenshoot.

Now that everybody knows what it is, let’s move on to the reasons why this app is one of my favorites.

  1. The coolest thing is that a tons of famous people and celebrities has a snapchat account, so you can follow your fav celebrity all day
  2. The snaps is so fast than I can’t even get time to regret sending something
  3. We can go to a show/art exhibithion/fashion show and everybody that follows you in there can participate and enjoy the experience with you
  4. For the naughty ones, life never was so easy to send something more “spicy” for your crush
  5. Talking alone in your couch waiting for Netflix starts never was so cool

Well, I can make an endless list but, we have to end sometime because I already missing my snapchat. Next week I am going to the NYFW f/w and guess which app I am going to use the most? YES. Snapchat. Them, don’t forget to follow me (MairannyBlog) and participate with me in this crazy week of fashion in New York.

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