NYFW – Rachel Zoe “The comeback of decades”

NYFW – Rachel Zoe “The comeback of decades”

The Rachel Zoe F/W collection of this season of NYFW was a new thing for her and us. Rachel (the foundeer and creative director of her brand) tell that she wanted to try something a little bit different, going through the 30’s decade and then the 90’s, “this girl feels very expensive and glamorous without trying“.

by @caromalis
CREDIT: @caromalis

Imagine yourself that Rachel used silk slip dresses, super rich fabrics, pearl beaded sweaters & velvel pajamas and created a flawless-glamourous-angelical-super feminine collection for the 21st century woman. That’s not for anyone else.

One of the greatest things of this collection for me was the color palette that was used to create a angelical and fabulous ombré, going through the pale white to dark gray colors.

It’s super evident her travel through the decades, the 30’s references present in some dresses and skirts.

Photo credits: @caromalis

Photo by InStyle.com

Photo credits: InStyle.com

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