#The7 “NYFW F/W” 360º Review

#The7 “NYFW F/W” 360º Review

First things first: read this review post listening to my NYFW Playlist that I created especially for you all to enjoy this Fashion Week season!!!!!

Let’s give a 360º look at this NYFW Fall/Winter season that ended yesterday (February 18), I’ll list the runway shows and looks that I loved the most! It’s a new idea that I brought to my blog, review everything that happened in a cool way, for you readers enjoy the most.


As you know I was present in some fashion shows of this season and I’m not going to talk only about them, but, a perspective of the full Fashion Week season.

I’m starting with the most INCREDIBLE and I guess, the one who everybody was waiting for: FENTY X PUMA. Should I say anything about this collection? I don’t think so, but I’ll because this was the HIGHLIGHT of this season (mr. Jeremy Scott is right after Riri).


FENTY X PUMA it’s the collection created by Rihanna for Puma. When the models started to walk into the runway and we could see the looks, the only thing we could think was: RIHANNA. She did an awesome collection that has 100% of her, the street style mixed with the sensuality + a domination of black color + cyberpunk style and all the transparency and different fabrics all mixed in a look was great, she really did the perfect collection with her soul.

Diverses celebrities attended the fashion show event in NYC and the super “in” models was on the runway with the incredibles outfits.

Right after this FENTY X PUMA collection we turn all the highlights for JEREMY SCOTT!


The always fun and full of colors, mr. JEREMY SCOTT presented his F/W Ready-To-Wear collection at this NYFW and as always, he stole the scene. When we talk about Jeremy Scott we can expect ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, he always bring to the runway fun collections, sexy clothing pieces, a incredible color palette and everything that every fashionista dreams.

For this collection he brought the country world from the 80’s with the title: “Cowboys and Poodles.” we can totally see thought the tied skirts and dresses, big boats, denim jackets, zebra fur stripes that women from the 80’s movies with a glass of wine or any drink on the hand, cocaine on the nose and a rock-star husband on tour. Who knows Dolly Parton, the country Queen from Tennessee, knows that this collection has at least 80% of her style in the time of her golden age.

We can’t wait to see the fashionistas wearing this incredible collection in this 2016.

Photo credits: Graveravens.com

Almost in the sabe “vibe” as FENTY X PUMA, the innovator Alexander WANG became with a RTW collection with the “street” style, he decided to brought a mix of ghetto and glam at his F/W collection with a strong presence of black color, hoods, oversized coats, fur, pole dance strippers print, transparency… Everything that’s is super actual in this fashion time.


Mini skirts, sweaters, fur lined jackets, tops and coats, mostly of the looks in bold-black color.The punk rock/metal influence in the 80’s and 90’s was a influence to create this Fall/Winter collection with also has marijuana leaf prints & strippers on pole dance prints. Everything exotic for Wang, who wasn’t cried nothing punk and “street” as this.

Photo credits: TheDapifer.com + L’Officiel.nl

This next fashion collection has the most mixed references and stories of this season: ALTUZARRA.


The French brand keep the multicultural upbringing DNA, this collection was inspired in the movie “Only Lovers Left Alive“, the creative director Joseph Altuzarra added different fabrics with textures and colors, glamorous heavy-oversized coats, a lot of prints on the clothes also on the shoes and a very feminine silhouette.

For this F/W collection the brand looked for a range from rich 19th-century textiles to Moroccan folkloric costumes and utility wear. The wealth on details and prints is beautiful!

The future is now and LACOSTE knows that.


Lacoste became this season with a futuristic-retro collection in New York, we all could see the aerodynamic and streamlined outfits with references from the 60’s.Pleased skirts, polo shirts, oversized sleeves, bomber jacket style, leather and the classic clothing “Lacoste style” that everyone knows.

The thing that I love the most in this brand is that they always create something different and advanced but they don’t loose the brand DNA that is the most important, you see a Lacoste cloth and you know “this one is Lacoste”, there’s nothing amazing like this. For this season they brought a futuristic and retro collection but keeping the straight shapes and a different but also “the same” color palette as they always brought. Check it out:

Photo credits: Bookmoda.com

When two stars shine together, they can blind the sun. That’s how I start posting about this next runway show collection: CONCEPT KOREA.


The Ready-To-Wear collection of Concept Korea was one of my favorites shows and one of my favorites collections of this season. I confess that I’ve never heard too much about this brand but when I was on the audience, watching the collection catwalk through the runway, this blows me away!

Red blood, black, gray, blue and white was present in this color palette, fabrics like fur, silk, tweed and wool was mixed in every piece of these beautiful looks, a touch of glam in this very feminine and powerful collection. Two people -Tae-keun Kim and Ji-yeon Lee- are in charge of the creative design of this brand, them both shinned this season and after the presentation of the collection I’ve heard a lot of great things about them, included by me.

Photo credits: NewYorkStyleGuide.com

Moving on to the next and last (but not least) collection of this Fall/Winter season: DESIGUAL.


One of my first posts of this season and also one of my favorites too, Desigual presented a MIXED collection. Yes! They brought a mix of coultures, decades, fabrics and colors on the runway show.

Looks that you could see clearly the cultures influences from middle east and all the others part of the world, I loved the Indian style mixed with a ukrainian culture outfit… Everything was mixed in the perfect way. Check the complete post here.

Photo credits: Fashionanalistick.tumblr.com

That’s all!!! Thank you all readers, lovers and followers who enjoyed and was keeping up with me during this season. I hope you’ll keep with me because the best is yet to come, this year, we still have the São Paulo Fashion Week and in September, again, the New York Fashion Week S/S collections. You’ve been amazing on comments, loved it all.

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