Immersion at Fernanda Yamamoto Fall Collection + Guided Visit At Her Atelier

Immersion at Fernanda Yamamoto Fall Collection + Guided Visit At Her Atelier
Fernanda Yamamoto | @mairanny

Fernanda Yamamoto is a brazilian fashion designer who launched her brand in 2007, and since 2010 she shows once a year a collection in the most important and influential event in the Latin America, the São Paulo Fashion Week.


To her fall 2016 collection she and the whole crew who worked hard in the Atelier brought to the runway a truly masterpiece, with the name “Histórias Rendadas” this collection came with almost 90% hand-made (yeah, haute couture right?!!!). Fernanda went to Cariri, a poor place in Paraíba (BR) for a trip and there she knew about the “rendeiras”, women who work with renascence income since their childhood.

You can watch this very touching and beautiful mini-documentary on YouTube that we can learn even more about this powerful women who live in Nordeste who was brought to this fashion-world-industry by Fernanda to develop this collection with her and the crew.

Fernanda Yamamoto | @mairanny




I went to Vila Madalena with Aka in this cool neighborhood in São Paulo with has a lot of graffiti and painting all over the streets to do know more about Fernanda’s collection and she did a complete guided visit at her atelier with the other people who work with her.



The atelier has a tiny space and there was a little bit more than 20 people, this tiny space give us a sensation of proximity, making this experience more closer. There was 8-9 people who work in the atelier. Each one of them was explaining to us their part on this collection process. Araras full of clothes and papers, tables with all kind of fabrics, computers and a very “industrial aesthetic” contrasting with all the powerful colors of her clothes.









I’ve never seen a collection that worked so hard to create new and different fabrics, “fury” textures using needles and foam, hours and hours of painting process to show us a beautiful and natural ombré effect in each piece. We can be sure of two things: 1. If you have any piece of this collection, you’re the only one who have that piece. 2. They worked hard using mostly of manual work, that’s why this collection was so good received by the public and comments in all social media.


The color palette goes from the gray and black, till more vivid colors like pink, blue and orange, Fernanda Yamamoto told us that she chose these colors to represent the houses in Cariri: very powerful colors in the middle of a very “dry” and “dead-brown” scene.


In a century that fast-fashion is growing up even more each day, a collection like this is just a proof that our fashion world isn’t destined to only buy-bye (only buy and throw it to the garbage and repeat this process forever), isn’t the first collection that Fernanda uses so many percent of hand-made, she has this characteristic on her brand DNA, the same DNA that includes her textures, shapes and sober colors.










It was truly a satisfaction for me and Aka because this experience was unique, for sure. All I can do for thanks Fernanda Yamamoto and her entire crew is do this post the better that I can and invite you all to visit her site and know (even more) about this and others collections.

We are really excited for the next collection, blow our minds and our eyes!!!! Bye.

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