How to Get Irresistible Using Hair Extensions by Irresistible Me

How to Get Irresistible Using Hair Extensions by Irresistible Me



Since I started dying my hair and painting in green I’ve turned into a hair-care-addicted, because as you know (or not), bleaching the hair brings a lot of damage and it takes time and money to recover and bring the hair back to life.

In the last year I’ve received some pairs of hair extensions by Irresistible Me and I’m using them in some of my photoshoot and on my day-to-day life to try and see my though on this amazing product. Has been kind of 4 months that I’m using my hair extensions and I’m loving everyday that I use, it looks SO NATURAL with my hair that no one (not even me) notes that isn’t my real hair, and, the best thing of it all is that I could paint the extensions in green, just as my hair, so, it fits perfectly. Check the photo that I’ve posted on my IG when I recivied the product:

And here is my first post using the hair extension by IrresistibleMe in 2015 Christmas:


There’s some posts on my blog where I did these photoshoots in NYC with David (@davidrpimages) and YES, I was using the hair extensions, awesome right?!?!


As you all know I only post on my blog products with good quality and products that I use in my personal life, these extensions has been a good friend of my hairs and I’m loving them since I started to use.

If you want to try, you can visit the site and see all the products that they had for sale, there’s so many that it’s hard to decide. And if you are a colorful-hair-girl-boy like me, you can try them too because your painting color will work perfectly, just the way it works on your hair!!!


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