M A I R A N N Y, I’ve been working with art-fashion blog since when I moved to New York and started to finally follow my heart. My first step in the city was search for a job oportunity that I could use my background with industrial-fashion designer and then develop my skils on fashion industry to build my experience to start creating my blog.

The knowledge that I had during my years working in the industry helped me to build my streight and vision of the places that I could go using my passion with fashion, illustration, art and photography to then start puting it out for everybody with a “no-robotic” way and sharing the other size of fashion industry, using my vision and interpretation. I always wanted to create a DNA that I could pass it for anything that carries the name Mairanny and give the opportunity to my followers and the brands know my work and also me.

My focus always was to mix this fashion-art-photography thing in a different way, carring this DNA that I worked hard to create and get to know if I had followers to appreciate this mix of sense. When I realize that I had a space to grow and develope more things beyond this blog, then I started to go ahead and get in contact with the brands of the fashion shows and a partnership started to born my most-personal project.

Started just with an illustration idea that I wanted to interpretate the collections of the New York Fashion Week, it grows though the process and I had an unespectable support of the brands and I had the opportunity to develop this project: “Fashion Illustration Book by Mairanny” that carries a DNA characteristic of a sense of style that never goes away. This project was a recompense of all hard work and persistance of my passion.

At this point of my professional life it all is getting bigger and I’m realized with all the things that I conqueer till here. The focus now is continue to grow my name with this mix of things that I like to develop and work with this trend that is growing up even more: being UNIQUE.

res (NY-SP) is the key to colide and break the limits of this fashion industry and connect ourselves with the DNA of the blog. I try to get in deeper with this other side of fashion industry and enjoy this journey, appreciating each step of every creative idea, since the begin till the final process.”